Social and relationship Capital

Close relations with our main stakeholders create long-term value and support individual and collective growth.

Joanna Carss
Joanna Carss
Head of Group Stakeholder Engagement

Our ultimate goal is the creation of long-term success for all our stakeholders, from employees and investors to the clients and communities we serve. Stakeholder Engagement ensures we have a holistic understanding of each of these groups and what they expect from us, so that we can deliver for them all.

Niccolò Ubertalli
Niccolò Ubertalli
Head of Italy

Our priority is to support our clients and communities through a positive and sustainable energy transition that takes into consideration both the environmental and social aspects of our commitments to ensure a just and fair transition for all.

Michael Diederich
Michael Diederich
Head of Germany

Sustainable business is both a challenge and a huge opportunity. That's why banks like ours are needed to provide competent support and drive forward the transformation of the economy.

Gianfranco Bisagni
Gianfranco Bisagni
Head of Central Europe

We are actively helping our clients and communities to progress, offering a comprehensive range of ESG products, investing in dedicated training for our relationship managers and ESG targeted campaigns in different sectors.

Teodora Petkova
Teodora Petkova
Head of Eastern Europe

We are committed to sustainable value creation in Eastern Europe for our clients, communities, and investors alike. Green lending is a key element of our growth strategy, and we promote access to opportunity through multiple social programs.

Social and relationship Capital highlights

beneficiaries of financial education and awareness initiatives
beneficiaries of financial education and awareness initiatives
meetings and 41 roadshow with investors, analysts and rating agencies
meetings and 41 roadshow with investors, analysts and rating agencies
beneficiaries of microcredit represented by Start-ups in Italy
beneficiaries of microcredit represented by Start-ups in Italy
contribution to communities
contribution to communities
disbursed loans for a total amount of €117m (Microcredit in SIB)
UniCredit Foundation
donated by UniCredit Foundation to provide food to people in poverty after the Covid-19 emergency
scholarships and fellowships
for more than 350 scholarships and fellowships granted to more than 1,000 students and researchers since 2009
projects amount
projects for a total amount of c.€290m of cumulated disbursed loans (Impact Financing in SIB)
jobs created (Impact Financing in SIB)
strat up
50 Start Ups
supported linked to circular economy initiatives

How we do the right thing


  • long-term stakeholder relationships
  • our business approach to foster social and economic development.


  • client satisfaction
  • companies' competitiveness
  • well-being and social inclusion.


  • provide clients with high-quality service which begins by actively listening and
    absorbing feedback
  • interact with key stakeholders to build a sound banking environment based on transparency
    and mutual understanding
  • promote stronger economic participation for everyone.

Results and targets

2021 results

feedbacks provided by stakeholders
contribution to communities
micro credit and Impact Financing cumulated loans


new production (2022-2024) Social Lending

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