Our stories

Our Stories

In line with our purpose of empowering communities to progress, we are putting our clients and communities at the heart of all that we do with a constant commitment to always serve their needs and be the bank for Europe's future.

To showcase how environmental, social and governance (ESG) values are embedded in our business and culture, this year's report includes a series of stories about our clients and people across the different countries of the Group, working together to empower our communities and unlock their potential. These are published at the end of selected chapters and reflect our strong ESG ambitions and continued focus on supporting the transition to a more sustainable, better society for all.

We are proud of the dedication of our teams in supporting and financing initiatives with a positive impact and we look to the future determined to continuously do more for our people, clients and communities.

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Our Clients
Czech Republic
Centrum péče Doubrava
Situated in the leafy village of Doubravčice on the outskirts of Prague, Centrum péče…
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Our Clients
Zveza prijateljev mladine (ZPM) Ljubljana Moste – Polje
UniCredit Bank Slovenia has been affiliated with the charity organisation ZPM Ljubljana Moste-…
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